Client Comments

Andrew Prince - Musician and Composer
"I recently finished recording my debut solo album with Satch and am very pleased with the result. His knowledge of audio techniques, coupled with his sympathetic nature, enabled him to accurately interpret my vision and helped to make the whole project a pleasant and rewarding experience."

Brian Gulland - Musician and Composer
"Satch has the following attributes in spades: An unequalled ear for placing mics in the optimum position to capture the most natural sound of instrument / voice; Skill in tweaking Mic Preamps and desk EQ to obtain the best possible sound on the way in; In mixdown mode, Satch has the ears and technical skill to remove any undesirable frequencies, then place each sound in its own discreet environment. This skill, combined with a sensitive intuition for the best Reverb and Signal Processing needed for the particular piece, means that, when all the elements of the track are amalgamated into the final Stereo Mix, the result is a remarkable transparent clarity and detail in the finished sound - every contributing facet of the music can be clearly heard, without needing to jostle for attention."

June Meagher - Healer and Composer
"Having been recommended by a friend to use Satch to record and produce our first CD, I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. His comments were very constructive and meant that we changed some of our original ideas which worked out very much to our advantage and I know that our CD is a very much better product for it. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him and will certainly be using his services again. If you require any further testimonial, please contact me through my website."

Martin Lister - Musician/Programmer
"Satch has an empathy for acoustic instruments and records them beautifully, as they should be! He has also turned into a Hi Tech wizard in recent years and is a joy to work with"

Sevak Gulbekian - Rudolf Steiner Press
"I have always found it a pleasure to work with Satch on our new 'audio books' line. I particularly appreciate his attention to detail, technical knowledge and overall dedication to the work."

Simon Heather - Sound Healer
"Satch has recorded a number of CDs for me and also for the College of Sound Healing. He is a great recording engineer. His experience and relaxed presence helps to create the right atmosphere to produce a great recording."

Susan Raven - Singer Songwriter
"In the highly-strung world of music and in the creative tension of a recording session, Satch is an oasis of calm focus and human kindness. He is a skilled practitioner of his art."